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Introducing Bella Amore Skin’s Manuka Cream, the second miracle product for your skincare routine. This moisturizer penetrates deeply into the stratum corneum to form a protective oil film that locks in hydration and reduces transepidermal water loss. This formulation will make your skin softer and more hydrated than ever.

About our product:

Manuka is a particular kind of honey made by bees that feed on Manuka trees in New Zealand and Australia. It is known for its unique composition and potential skincare benefits.

Other Benefits:

Natural Moisturizer, Antibacterial Properties, Anti-Inflammatory, Wound Healing, Antioxidant Content, Acne Treatment, Gentle Exfoliation, Eczema and Psoriasis Relief, Anti-Aging Effects, Natural Cleanser.

Recommended: Best if used with Bella Amore Skin's Himalayan Soap.

PRO TIP: Give yourself a spa-like experience by refrigerating the cream. This ensures added cooling comfort, as well as helping preserve its freshness, efficacy, and texture.


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